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April 4, 2006

Good Bye Tom!

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Tom DeLay is leaving Congress!  Three cheers!  Hooray!  Only three days after his former chief of staff, Tony Rudy, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and corruption charges, DeLay is reading the writing on the wall and pulling out of a race he likely couldn’t win.  In a Nixon-esque (not just for the “they won’t have me to push around anymore” tone but also because of the running out of town with a taint of scandal that can never be washed kind of way) manner Tom DeLay took jabs at the left and at the media for their portrayal of DeLay’s corruption.  The thought is that DeLay won’t even finish his term but will instead be completely out of Congress by May.  This guy is a first rate coward who screwed over this country and Texas and now when the heat is on he runs away.  Some morals.

February 6, 2006

Quote Of The Day

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I have found in life that individuals who believe what they are doing is so right and so good and so important are also the individuals that have a high frequency level of rationalizing away unacceptable hehavior.
-William Greener, former Republican National Committee communications director

This is a Republican and Reaganite talking about Jack Abramoff back in the early 1980s when Abramoff was chair of the College Republicans. Apparently Abramoff’s penchant for skirting the law is nothing new, he has been playing his game since his start in Republican politics. What is interesting to me is the number of people in the RNC in the 1980s who complained about Abramoff’s tactics yet he continued to rise in Republican circles. One would think that people would want to create distance, instead the party cozied right up to Jack and to his money. Yes, Virginia, the Republican Party is the party of integrity.

What I liked best about the quote is how accurately it portrays the entire conservative movement. People like Vice President Cheny, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, et al are narrow mindedly focused on their grandeous yet fatally flawed vision that they will reationalize even the errosion of civil liberties and thereby the Constitution to succeed in remaking the world. The conservatives have built a juggernaut that is demosishing what is left of the Democratic Party and if we don’t get serious about combating their entrenched position and their force we are likely to lose the liberal and moderate wings of our party for at least a generation. American cannot afford to have these voices silenced, not when cold blooded killers prey on gay bars, not when the rich keep getting richer and the poor are plowed further under, not when the government is listening to everything we are saying, and certainly not when a president takes the liberty to declare by fiat what powers belong to the executive office during times of war. The polls are showing that America is waking up a little bit but if our party doesn’t throw some cold water on the public’s faces soon this country may be perpetually locked in our current nightmare.

January 19, 2006

The Dems Might Be Getting It

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The Washington Post has a story that warms my heart. The Dems, in response to the huge ethical lapses of the Republicans, have released a plan! Yes, an actual plan. I have complained that the Dems have been talking a good game over the last year and effectively highlighting the Republican mistakes but that they were not making any gains in the perception of the public because they refused to release any real, concrete plans. Hopefully those days are over.

The Dems aren’t going to make any electoral gains in my opinion until they start offering something to the public. Now they are doing exactly what they need to on the Abramoff scandal by all speaking from the same talking points and offering a plan on how they will address this issue. This gives the public a real choice. The Republicans have announced their plan as well so now voters have the ability to compare and contrast and then choose. We need to continue offering real choices because that is what makes us different from the Republicans.

January 9, 2006

Lobbying on the Rise

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Check out this post from ThinkProgress. One figure in particular troubles me, the earmark figure. In FY 1996 there were 958 earmarks while just 9 short years later there are 14,000. The other figure that troubles me is the number of companies that have lobbied the Senate and the House: 17,200. These numbers are staggering and, in my opinion, indicate the need for some kind of reform.

There is no doubt that campaign financing is corrupting our government but what the Abramoff scandal and the lobbying figures in the ThinkProgess piece indicate is that some of the worst corruption is occuring long after these men and women are elected the Congress. Equally troubling to the amount of money being spent in getting projects adopted by Congress is the amount of time these lobbyists are being given with members of Congress. Not only can I as an average citizen not afford keep up in terms of financial contributions but I cannot even dream of getting the face time these lobbyists get. We need change and we need it fast if we expect to keep democracy alive and strong…and TRUSTED in the United States.

January 5, 2006

More on Bush and Abramoff

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I complained earlier about Bush giving $6,000 back to corrupt lobbyist Casino Jack as if that would somehow erase the fact that Bush was dealing with this thug. Well ThinkProgress has a great post on just how insignificant the $6,000 is in relation to what Abramoff really raised. While the number is not completely known, Abramoff raised at least $120,000 for Bush.

Yes, I think $6,000 pretty much makes things all square and paints Bush as being above the fray, don’t you?

Bush Giving Back to Abramoff

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I am very annoyed by the corrupt pols that are returning their contributions to Abramoff as if this will somehow get rid of the corrupt taint. I am also annoyed that these corrupt pols think that somehow the crime of bribery is reversed when they return the money. Don’t they think that they also have to reverse the bought vote to fully complete the mea culpa? Except the crime is like solicitation in that you are guilty the minute you make the solicitation, you cannot say “I changed my mind,” after the fact and expect not to guilty. Ugh.

The latest in this line of pols is our very own President Bush. He has returned $6,000 in contributions to Abramoff. One problem: Abramoff was a “pioneer” in the 2004 election which means he raised over $100,000 for President Bush. Does Bush intend to return the $100,000 or more that Abramoff funneled to Bush? When he does that I might start to think he is making an appropriate mea culpa. Until then I will consider him as part of this corrupt gang running Washington.

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