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August 8, 2006

Gabrieli Declares His Support for Cape Wind

by @ 10:45 am. Filed under Massachusetts, Environment, Social Policy, Governor '06

I missed this but the good folks over at Cape Cod Today certainly did not. It would appear that Gabrieli joins Patrick in his outright support of the Cape Wind project. Kudos to you Chris, this is the right decision. Cape Wind is the beginning of what will hopefully be many renewable energy projects here in Mass because they are not only good for our environment but they are good for our economy, too! As CCT points out, the announcement came on the same day as BP’s disclosure that there is massive corrosion in the Alaskan pipeline.  Good timing!

7 Responses to “Gabrieli Declares His Support for Cape Wind”

  1. Double Standard Much? Says:

    Gabrieli has ALWAYS supported Cape Wind, with very clearly lain out caveats regarding financing issues.

    So please do not characterize Gabrieli’s support as a sudden switch or anything like that.

  2. Andy Says:

    I disagree. Gabrieli’s support, as even you concede, was limited. He never came right out for it. From the gist of his commercial he seems to have no qualms about the project is endorsing it outright. I would say that is a change in position.

  3. Double Standard Much? Says:

    You can disagree all you want, but you are factually wrong.

    His support was not “limited.” He didn’t “kinda” support it.

    He fully supported given the appropriate financing agreement between the Commonwealth and the private sector, to ensure the best deal for MA taxpayers.

    So please don’t misrepresent his very consistent position.

  4. Andy Says:

    This issue is classic Gabrieli. He supported it if…. Fill in the blank. I sat at the environmental debate. Patrick said I support Cape Wind. See the period at the end of the sentence there my friend? NO qualification. Gabrieli never, ever said that he supported the idea of Cape Wind. Again, note the period. Gabrieli’s position was I suport Cape Wind if… Note the ellipses there. According to his new commercial Gabrieli is claiming to support Cape Wind. Again, note the period. See, that wasn’t all that hard.

  5. Double Standard Much? Says:

    Andy - I am sorry if it is difficult to process that everything isn’t black or white, yes or no.

    Some issues actually have these little tiny things called “details,” and that blanket answers can often overlook these “details.”

    It is important to pay attention to these “details” because individuals, like yourself, sometimes do not and may even go so far as to misrepresent somebody’s position without clarification of said “details.”

  6. Flipper Says:

    OK DSM so he changed his position by dropping the “details” and going with a simpler, and smarter, statement. Andy is still right in the point he is making.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Andy is right: this is a small change in position. I don’t understand the bitterness, Double Standard, as Andy is PRAISING Gabrieli on this - as Gabrieli should be. He equivicated like a politician at first leaving himself wiggle room to back out of his support, now he’s gone out and said he’ll support it. That’s a good thing; it deserves support.

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