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August 8, 2006

Deval Patrick and Killer Coke

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I didn’t think Frank Philips’ recent article about the group Killer Coke’s decision to “come after” Deval Patrick for his involvement in Coca Cola had much traction. First, I didn’t think the article was all that well written from the perspective of how it would tie in to the campaign in general (but then again I am a blogger — what do I know about writing?) and second I didn’t think the idea of Killer Coke making some noise would have an impact. It appears that I was wrong. My fellow bloggers have picked up this story and thereby given it more legs.  More on the flip.

Lynne thinks that what is shaping up is a swift boat style attack. Personally, I don’t see this but I get what she is getting at — an outside group is going to swoop in with distorted facts to take down a person that is otherwise admirable in his business affairs. I think we might be giving Killer Coke a little too much credit. I mean the article itself said the group was still trying to organize. Given that Deval is the “progressive darling” I think the group will have a hard time recruiting people because all the lefties are for Deval except for the really marginal Greens whose numbers aren’t impressive. Ryan just gets mad, brings up the Swift Boat thing and can’t believe that someone would question Deval Patrick.

David, always level headed, has decided to do some investigating and he gives all sorts of interesting info about the Killer Coke group. I am not really sure what his investigation has to do with anything though. He raises all sorts of great points about the credibility of the group but in doing so he misses the point. The issue isn’t Killer Coke and what kind of group of it is. The issue is that there is something to be said of Deval’s time at Coke and the issue of Coke’s attitude toward the bottlers in Colombia. The Nation had an excellent article on Coke and its bottlers and I suggest everyone read it to get the real story and some real perspective. I am happy to report that Deval is never mentioned in the entire article. This makes me happy because I think his involvement in the whole mess is very, very limited.

Instead of focusing on all of the peripheral issues my fellow bloggers and I would do a better service to everyone by digging in to what Deval has done or has not done. As to that point Deval Patrick has already made it clear that he left Coke when the situation became untenable due to the company’s unwillingness to change or address the issue. So far no evidence to contradict this statement has brought forward so I have no reason to think otherwise. Killer Coke is mad because Deval Patrick worked for Coke and Deval Patrick is a Democrat. Ray Rogers of Killer Coke seems to be of the belief that you cannot be a Democrat or a progressive if you work for a major corporation. This is nonsense. Most of the time to beat the system you have to work the system. You can’t work it if you aren’t part of it. Deval Patrick tried to do something and we can see how that went.  As a very strong supporter of Deval Patrick I wish these corporate issues woudl disappear and yes I would prefer that he had stuck to nonprofits, but he didn’t and I don’t think less of him for it.  Let’s not let Killer Coke be a distraction from the best chance we have had at electing a Democrat to the corner office in a long, long time.

2 Responses to “Deval Patrick and Killer Coke”

  1. Lynne Says:

    To be clear, it’s swift boating, but primarily moved by certain media types and probably prompted by insiders from one of the other campaigns, not the group itself.

    If that makes sense.

    “Swift boating” I think is turning into a generic verb…

  2. Mass Revolution Now! » Blog Archive » Bonifaz Wades Into Killer Coke Debate Says:

    […] Ok, I was really, really wrong. Now John Bonifz, candidate for Secretary of State, is getting in to the debate. He is calling on the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) to investigate whether the Killer Coke group is in violation of campaign finance laws. From the press release: Today, I call upon the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) to launch an investigation into whether the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke is in compliance with Massachusetts campaign finance law. The New York-based Campaign to Stop Killer Coke is currently engaged in activity raising questions about the corporate law record of Deval Patrick, Democratic candidate for Governor. This activity appears to constitute express advocacy for the defeat of a particular candidate and, as such, would be subject to oversight by OCPF. […]

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