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August 3, 2006

WSJ Hearts Mitt

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Stephen Moore, a member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, sat down recently with our fearless leader Gov. Mitt Romney to talk about the Big Dig. What it a treat it was to read what Mitty thinks of the Big Dig, the interview yielded several jewels.

When I sat down for lunch with Gov. Mitt Romney, he described a decade-long legacy of drunken-sailor spending behavior, thanks to an endless pipeline of money from Washington; rampant patronage; nonstop political finger-pointing; and potential criminality on the part of fat and happy government contractors.

Nonstop political finger pointing? Mitt are you suggesting that you haven’t stooped to such a level? From nearly your first day in office you have been trying to kick Matt Amorello out the door. Your office has repeatedly blamed the MTA for everything, and more specifically, you have put the fault of the entire Big Dig on the shoulders of Amorello. Something about the kettle calling the pot something comes to mind.

“What we have here is a systemic failure of accountability as to how the money got spent,” Romney fumed. “We have hundreds of people manning the turnpike tolls who make $60,000 to $80,000 a year.” Some electricians with overtime were earning $300,000. According to the state auditor, $23 million was spent on ramps spanning the Charles River, which had to be demolished because they did not meet community approval and led to nowhere.

Let me see I wonder who has been in charge of the executive side of the government for the last four years? Oh yeah, you have been GOVERNOR Romney! I certainly don’t think it is fair to blame one governor for the entire project and its shortcomings but for nearly four years Mitt Romney, you have been able to put some sort of check on this project and you have continuously failed to meet that burden. Do not complain about oversight when the executive agencies have the most direct authority to investigate nearly every single aspect of the Big Dig. You need to own up to your four years of failure just like the four governors before you. You are a large part of the systemic failure (the legislature and past governors are the other part).

The rest of the editorial is nothing but a dig (pun intended) on the whole project. However the worst of the cheap shots comes at the end when Moore says:

When the Big Dig tunnels were finally completed, Gov. Romney suggested naming one of the arteries the “Liberty Tunnel” to pay tribute to the soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Legislature protested and demanded that the project be called the Tip O’Neill Tunnel instead. Thankfully, they prevailed. Some 20 years after the earth began to move on this project, the Boston Big Dig conjures up many images, but, alas, liberty and freedom are assuredly not among them.

I love the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. gbridgman Says:

    Take your best shots at the WSJ op-ed pages. They’re not shy about which side of the aisle they sit.

    However, with respect to the rest of the paper, it’s probably the best there is: broke the story on ENRON and Arthur Andersen; fair and balanced reporting throughout. IMHO.

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