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April 26, 2006

PDS Annual Meeting Recap

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So I have been out of it in terms of blogging as is evidenced by my total lack of posts over the last three weeks. Sometimes I think it is good to step away. I am also trying to rethink my approach to blogging (this in light of all the great press blogs in our great state have been receiving). As a result of my lack of posts I neglected to mention last night’s Annual Meeting for PDS. So to make up here is a recap of what happened.

The Annual Meeting is a great opportunity where PDS stops and takes a look back at the previous year as well as talks about what the year ahead should look like. The meeting is also the meeting in which the Steering Committee is elected. This year there was a restructuring of the Committee so there were new positions. The positions now are the Chair (Katie Wallace was reelected), Vice Chair (Jen Lawrence; this is a new position), Secretary (Paula Stuart was elected), Treasurer, Affirmative Action Chair (Joe Beckmann), Issues Committee Co-Chairs (2; this is a new position), Membership Committee Co-Chairs (2)(Greg Dennis), and Endorsement Committee Co-Chairs (2). (I think that is correct, however, I am operating from memory so I might have missed a seat.) I am pretty excited because after an unexpected nomination I got elected (there was no opposition, I don’t want to make it sound like there was a demand for me) as a co-chair along with Fred Berman of the Issues Committee. I am pretty darn excited because I have been wanting to get more involved with PDS and this a good way to “force” me to more meetings and more involvement.

My favorite part I think of the whole meeting was hearing from Rebekah Gewirtz and Marty Martinez, the founders of PDS.  Both had great things to say about getting involved in city politics and organizing.  Based on their enthusiasm it is pretty clear why these two have been successful.  I was also thrilled to see how many people attended.  I am terrible at estimating group size but I think between 30 and 40 people showed up.  I hope to have more good things to come as I get sucked in more!

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  1. Susan M. Says:

    Hey, lunch buddy! Congratulations on your election to the PDS Issues Committee! What kind of cool stuff do you get to do?

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