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March 16, 2006

We Have Lost Our Way

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Without quesiton I support Senator Feingold’s censure resolution.  I think it is a fair, down the middle approach to holding the President accountable for his actions in violating the law with regard to FISA.  Sen. Feingold explicitly chose censure over the much more dangerous impeachment route because he recognized that without proper investigations into the administrations actions the public would not have the facts necessary to move toward impeachment.  The censure resolution is not some fancy folly of a far-flung liberal.  Rather the resolution was a calculated attempt to find a fair rebuke to the President.

So why then does the New York Times in an article on the censure resolution mention impeachment 25 times and censure only 5 times?  The article leaves the reader with the distinct impression that Feingold specifically, or Democrats in general, are crying out for the impeachment of President Bush.  This could not be farther from the truth.  The article also quotes heavily from conservative low lives such as Rush Limbaugh and others.  There is no spin from liberals except for a few quotes from Nancy Pelosi doing her best to duck any questions and change the subject.

Our party is so focused on the notion that winning majorities will fix everything.  This article indicates otherwise.  More than just being out of the majority, the Democratic Party is out of touch and unable to define its message.  We have lost the great tool of communication; we have allowed it to be hijacked by conservative media think tanks that pump out ready-made headlines and talking points.  The Dems have no vision and no message.  Winning the majorities will help but I am afraid that when the spotlight is fixed on us we might not have anything to say.

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