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January 31, 2006

State of The Union Liveblogging

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Lynne is liveblogging too.

Update: the great folks at Under The Golden Dome were blogging the SOTU as well. Also see the superb coverage by ThinkProgress. I linked to just one section so make sure you go to the homepage of ThinkProgress to see what else they said.

We are at least 20 minutes into the speech and Bush as proposed nothing and said nothing. He has thrown out the standard stuff:
Democracy is good
Terrorism is bad
We aren’t going to quit in Iraq
Praise the soldiers

He said this is an historic time yet he has offered no vision on how we will meet this historic time. He is hammering Iran now on plutonium and nuclear weapons. He is telling the citizens of Iran that we want to be friends but if you don’t look out we are gonna open up a can of American kick butt on you.

Honestly, I am admittedly biased against Bush but I don’t think anyone can say he is an inspiring guy. Bush is oratorically challenged.

Now he says we need to reauthorize the Patriot Act so we can be safe here. He of course is tying the need to reauthorize to 9/11. Bush is reminding us that he is acting under Constitutional authority to wiretap us. Yet he has never shown us any of those court cases or that precedent.

This is what annoys me. He just asked us to help him protect America yet he never tells us how. He just throws out sentences that don’t make sense, or rather they do make sense but they are like hot air, no substance.

Bush keeps mentioning protectionism and isolationism. Did I miss something? Are there any serious people out there seeking old school isolationism circa 1918? 1940? I don’t think so, what is he talking about?

Oxymoron alert! Bush just said we need to act responsibly from a fiscal standpoint yet asked to make the tax cuts permanent. Oops, you aren’t being fiscally responsible when you are choking the coffers of funds and draining what little is in them on an unncessary war. Bush is also proud of cutting over $800 billion from the federal government. Ask anyone who requires any social services how they feel about that.

FANTASTIC!!! Bush just said the Dems didn’t pass social security and they all stood up and clapped. He didn’t expect that, he looked fantastically silly. This was actually the most sustained applause.

Hypocrite alert!! Bush said he didn’t believe in isolationism earlier now is saying we need to seal our borders from those darn Mexicans.

Tort reform nonsense. Bush is giving bogus stats about how there are no OB/GYNs in rural areas because of people suing when they are negligently treated.

The big energy announcement: we are going to invest more in clean coal, nuclear energy, and solar and wind power. This isn’t bad except coal and nuclear energy are bad! Why are we spending money on these old school energy sources. If we are going to be serious about energy independence let’s get serious about it. Independence means cutting the ties from energies that are non-renewable. Bush only gets it half right. He isn’t encouraging us to direct our energies to complete energy freedom. Plus, instead of cutting Middle East petroluem independence altogether, he only asks for 75% in 20 years, this is good but why not go all the way?

“Judges must not legislate from the bench.” Why did he pick Sam Alito then? Also, he just thanked O’Connor for her service and it occured to me, she was the first woman to serve on the bench and she has been replaced by a white, conservative guy…so much for progress.

“Human is life is a gift from our creator and that value must never be disregarded..or put up for sale.” Do you think the way Bush and his Republicans treat the poor is value this gift from the creator? Do you think the way they let people literally rot after Hurrican Katrina is valuing that gift? I don’ think so either.

“We will end the stigma of AIDS.” Ok, that sounds really nice but you offered no way of how we get there? DO YOU HAVE IDEAS?!? You know, those crazy things the offer solutions instead of salesperson puffery.

So the speech is over now. 51 minutes total.

My intial thoughts on the whole thing are this: he took the incredibly safe road by offering nothing new. He can’t fail because he didn’t take a step forward. Bush largely reiterated things he has been saying and things he mentioned last year in the state of the union. He failed to ask us to sacrafice again. Bush could have asked us to roll up our sleeves and take on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in terms of rebuilding not just by throwing federal dollars at it but also by giving our own time to rebuild and not just donate money. Bush basically has fed more fuel to our selfish society by saying we can have our cake and eat it too. Instead of asking us to give a little so we can have freedom Bush has said we can keep getting tax cuts, keep spending gigantic sums on a war, and still have all the freedom we want. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the whole speech. Bush wastes every opportunity he has when addressing the American public.

2 Responses to “State of The Union Liveblogging”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Nice job on your end…mine was more direct quotes (copy/pasted from ThinkProgress) with snide remarks…

  2. Max-1 Says:

    I have a “Letter of Concern to Congress and the American people.”
    Please help me to get the word out. I’m just a proletariat among the masses and the deafening silence from my Congress is drowning out my cries.

    Both you and I are fully aware that what we are witnessing before our country, is possibly the largest power grab that American history will attest to. The volume of books are already into their second printing, and the future of Rove, Rumsfeld, and all of the like, will be dependent on their soon to be Doubleday@ contracts. History will be replete with the testimony of this power grab from the predictions to the perdition of the New American Democracy.

    So let’s examine their works. The volumes that which they will be speaking of. This power grab of the mimillennia.

    The Art of Deception: A book that can be attributed to being the bible of the RNC.

    In The Art of Deception, one learns the power attributed to being capable of manipulating the opponent into doing your bidding.

    Evil indeed, yet almost necessarily so; a taste of their own medicine. And so, I have an idea. Possibly so Machiavellian in nature, that the RNC won’t even see it coming, and they might possibly walk away thanking “the US”.

    As a whole, the DNC may be fractured and the American public is being sold a bill of goods from the RNC; Humpty Dumpty can never be put back together again. More fairy tales from the spin masters. So if Humpty Dumpty is broken, then Humpty Dumpty needs the King’s horses and and the King’s men to do some healing.

    Gather up your kindling of disdain and petition your Congress to take their jobs back. Deliver your messages to your Congress, NOW, so that Congress may do their job and light the fires that will smoke out the corruptive, illicit, immoral Executive in the People’s White House.

    A Common Proletariat

    The president all but has thumbed his nose at you, Congress, as a whole. The Legislative Branch. He has stated, equivocally, that he turned down an invitation by you, the Congress, to allow you to assist him in crafting the necessary laws and amendments to the FISA laws back in 2002, and in 2003. And the president has reinforced his unyielding position to Congress’ Constitutionally mandated job description to be the sole craftsmanship of law for the land.

    Rise up Congress. You’re president dismissed you. His words smack of his arrogance. Take back your jobs and legislate.

    RNC, DNC, Green Party and Independent. One and all, your president’s nebulous words spoken to the US populace have left more scratching their heads than following in suit. There is something afoot and America’s chagrin needs to be comforted, not ignored and lulled into submission.

    Stand up Congress, and take your jobs back. It was our Founders express mandate that there be three equal branches. One not to be more than another.

    Executive, Legislative, Judiciary. Three equal branches, that if left unchecked will lead to the corruptive downward spiral of the Democracy that our Founding Fathers created for us.

    The president dismissed the necessity to go to the FISA court because of the antiquation of the laws, as he would have you to believe. But that begs the bigger question. Why not let Congress assist the president in the craftsmanship of new FISA laws that ARE inclusive of the 21st century technologies? The absurdity of the president’s response all but begs for a subpoena from the DOJ as his recusal toward any necessity of explanation to his concept and legality rests only in National Security.

    Be heard Congress. The silence beset upon the Democratic party that which is parlayed in the media, is infesting the integrity of Democracy its self.

    RNC, DNC, Green Party and Independent, alike. Your president has made clear, that he will resist any attempt at including Congress in the craftsmanship of necessary law to make what he is doing, legal in the eyes of the court.

    Something is afoot. And it is trampling upon Congress’ Constitutional job description. It is riping at the integrity of American values. And you, Congress, need to address the elephant in the room. With pole numbers bottoming out for both the RNC and the DNC members of Congress alike, and midterm elections at the door step, how can you, Congress, sit there and take this? The lack of voter confidence, and the summarily dismissal by the president, all but shows that Congress needs to rise up and take their jobs back.

    Show the voters what integrity looks like. Three equal branches that follow Constitutional law and implore a sense of checks and balances.

    Rise up. Stand up. Be heard.

    Congress is needed as mandated by WE THE PEOPLE through our Bill of Rights.

    A Simple Proletariat
    A Voter
    We the People, “The US”

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