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October 31, 2005

Who is Judge Sam Alito?

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The American Constitution Society Blog has a great post that answers the question above. Before we all start bashing this judge I think the site is worth a visit first (not because I think we will support him based on what the post says but rather because it’s best to have facts BEFORE we form opinions). Blue Mass. Group has a titalating post on why liberals might want to hold their fire (well it doesn’t say why just yet hence the titalating part).

Voter initiatives in Massachusetts

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Today’s Globe has a fantastic op-ed piece on the problems with signature gathering and so-called “voter initiatives.” I think the article was particularly cogent given the troubles (here, too) we have all heard of recently involving the petitions for the anti-gay marriage petition.

The article makes a fair point of stating that too often what is labeled a voter initiative is really no more than big dollars driving an individual’s or small group of individuals’ personal mission. While I am sure there are some people, actually a fair number probably, that are against the ruling by the SJC in the Goodridge case for a number a reasons, I am not sure that there is such a groundswell of opposition as to warrant the current campaign to change our consitution (a prospect for which I believe should be considered VERY rarely and NEVER to lessen rights of individuals). Most likely this is nothing more than an effort started by people with too much money and too little respect for individual rights. Instead of the movement being started by the people it is being brought to the people. I cannot think this is what was intended by the defenders of democracy, many of whom came from this great Commonwealth.

I would not be fair if I pointed only to the anti-gay marriage amendment. As I have been perusing the classifieds of Craigslist looking for jobs (nothing else, I promise) I have noticed that groups like ACORN and Common Cause are paying signature gathers for many of their initiatives. ACORN and Common Cause are groups that I support without hesitation. ACORN’s mission is to serve a community of people, the lower and lower-middle class of Massachusetts, that too often does not get much representation. However, in their noble cause, and the anti-homosexual “movement’s” ignoble cause, I think we must demand that a voter initiative be as close to that as possible; something that comes from voter demands first. Otherwise we allow one of the last opportunities for true democratic participation to be lost, as we have with much else of our democracy, to big money and individuals who are anything but motivated by the greater good.

Massachusetts should adopt a law similar to the one passed in Oregon that bans payment per signature. I think we would also be wise to create not-for-profit group like Oregon’s Voter Education Project and task that group with overseeing not only voter initiatives but grassroots and direct campaigns launched by “groups of citizens.” Let’s make sure in Massachusetts democracy is in the hands of the right people, the voters, and not the big money interests.

SCOTUS appointment today at 8 am

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According to the news this morning, Bush is ready to present to the Senate a new nomimee for the Supreme Court.  Bush is expected to name Federal Circuit Court Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr.  I know nothing about this nominee.  I hope to be able to provide a decent analysis once the announcement is made and information about him starts to flow.  In the meantime, I think there is a great analysis from Lyle Dennison of SCOTUSBlog on what this confirmation process is going to be like given the new dynamics following the Miers debacle.  If Alito turns out to be a rightwing nut I hope the Dems are ready to throw down and do battle.  It is already somewhat shameful that O’Connor’s replacement isn’t a woman and it would be even more shameful if a moderate would be replaced by an ultra-conservative.  More on the nomination in the coming days.

October 30, 2005


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Welcome to the new site! I am happy that you have found me and I promise that each day it will look better and better. I am trying to learn the ropes of this blogging software and code writing (none of which I have any experience with!). I promise to start fully blogging here within a week. In the meantime feel free to email me with any comments, thoughts, tips, suggestions, et cetera! Until then, I will keep posting on the other site!

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